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There are a few things to know before you get started with financing your aircraft. We have put together a few Financial Facts to help you get started with the process. Whether you are new to the process or an experienced operator, we have provided our most frequently asked questions that our clients asked while going through the process. We hope this is helpful with your financial journey.



What type of aircraft will you finance?

We finance pistons, turbo props and turbines. New models to 1975. Part 91 and Part 135. Private and Business Use. And yes, we will finance helicopters.

What is the minimum amount and the maximum amount you will finance?

$200,000 to $20 million.

How much can I borrow? What does the LTV need to be?

If you qualify, up to 85% LTV (15 percent down payment).

Can you do an asset-based loan?

Yes for start-ups, high net worth individuals and foreign companies that do not want to disclose some financial information. General terms are 65% advance, 5yr term and 7-10 year amortizations. Background checks

How old of an aircraft will you finance?

The oldest plane we will finance will typically be no later than 1975. However, we will finance all Pistons.

Does my turbine aircraft need an engine maintenance program?

In most cases, yes.

How much time should I plan for an approval?

You should plan for a minimum of 2-4 weeks after the submission of a full package.

Do I need a pre-buy inspection?

Generally speaking, yes.

What documents will be needed to finance my aircraft?

Once you contact our offices, we will provide you with a submission checklist explaining the documents we need to get started with the financing process.

Do you finance Part 135?


Do I need to have the plane identified yet?


What are your financing options? Packages?

Up to 20-year amortization. Up to 85% LTV. Up to 20-year terms. An Interest rate commensurate with good credit record. We will finance upgrades, avionics, and overhauls.

Do you provide an operating lease?


Will you finance Charter?


Is it helpful to know the value of an aircraft before financing?

Your budget requirements before acquiring financing are very helpful.

Will you finance helicopters?


Is it a good idea to reach out to several financial institutions before making a decision?

Transit Capital Partners specializes in finding the best financing deal for you by presenting your package to the best matched financial institutions. Why waste your valuable time when we can offer our expertise on your behalf.

How do I start the process of aviation financing?
There are a few ways:
1) Just give us a call at (843) 954-5707
2) Shoot us a quick email at, explaining your needs or
3) Fill out our contact form here





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