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Finesse, discretion and expertise give us the edge in providing shorter transaction times and better terms than our competitors. We deliver on our promise to meet your deadlines and close your transaction efficiently and cost effectively. We empower our clients to focus on the experience and leave the financial details to us.

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Our Dedication to Giving Back

Transit Capital Partners has partnered with Charleston-based nonprofit OneWorld Health to help expand access to healthcare, deepen our commitment to our communities, and make the world a healthier place.
To learn more about OneWorld Health, visit You can also join us in supporting OneWorld Health.
In the developing countries OneWorld Health serves, basic healthcare is never guaranteed – government healthcare systems are overwhelmed and underfunded; there aren’t enough doctors, supplies and medicine; and too many patients who can’t afford treatment. All of this adds up to a powerful recipe for prolonging poverty.

OneWorld Health has worked side by side with communities in need for 14 years to better understand the challenges of access and quality in healthcare across the globe—and help ensure that a person’s birth country does not determine the ability to access basic healthcare. They build and operate inpatient and outpatient care facilities, providing high-quality, affordable medical care to impoverished communities. From inception, each project has been carefully planned to ensure that every dollar invested will create a long-term impact in the community. To date, OneWorld Health has provided care for more than 900,000 people in need across Central America and East Africa.

We are committed to working with OneWorld Health to help the people of Uganda access healthcare that life-changing and lifesaving. Therefore, each Transit Capital Partners transaction supports bringing quality, affordable healthcare to people who desperately need it in Uganda.

To learn more about OneWorld Health, visit You can also join us in supporting OneWorld Health.

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